Someone’s Thinking!
Mark Nathanson

The forward thinking fusion movement produced some wonderful discs and had its share of bombs. This incredibly satisfying disc is longgggggg overdue and was a unique entry into the mid-seventies fusion period. Instead of a huge rock drum set, Arnold keeps his foot firmly in the jazz earth playing a small gretch kit, (apparently supplied by Billy Cobham). Yet this is no typical jazz, jazz/rock session. If you squeezed some choice blue note, ECM and world music discs into a juicer you might get this powerful yet lush and beautiful disc. Complex counterpoint and polyrhythms never take away from the music but remind one of the many cultures that walk a rhythm other than 4/4. I especially like the melody lines treated in unison w/ a piccolo on top. The landscape created here is more terrestrial than celestial. A gem – treat yourself!